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photographer | FIANCÉ | podcaster rescue dog mom | globetrotter

My friends tell me I was born to celebrate and I'd have to agree. No... for real, my birthday is New Years Eve and I LOVE a great celebration with any excuse to pop open a nice bottle of champagne, raise a glass and cheers to all of life's best moments. 

I'm a fiancé, rescue dog mom (Isabella Petunia and Brooklyn Begonia), podcast host of Photospark and I love a great adventure.  When I'm not photographing weddings, you can find me exploring the world, trying local cuisine and trying new wines (Sangiovese will always be a clear front runner).

asking a million questions and listening to her incredibly descriptive stories about each person in the photograph. Falling in love with these photos helped me understand who I was as a human — a photographer, and most importantly, a story teller.

Originally from the midwest town of Marshalltown, Iowa, I always knew I would replant roots somewhere by the coast. Currently bi-coastal in southwest Florida and Southern California, living and loving the best of both worlds. 

Growing up, I obsessed over 
Family albums at grandmas house, 

I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it. 

- carrie bradshaw

paris      -or-      venice?

which is my favorite?

This or That:

Easy. Venice was incredible but Paris stole my heart after spending three weeks alone while dog sitting for my in-laws during the pandemic. I experienced a never been seen quiet, free from tourists version that will be cherished forever.
I'm ready to go back now! 

beach      -or-      city?

which is my favorite?

Answer: Paris

I love the beach but dislike sand.
I choose a city overlooking any body of water. 

friends      -or-      seinfeld?

which is my favorite?

Answer: City

Friends. Hands down.

coffee      -or-      tea?

which is my favorite?


I love a good this or that as an ice breaker. Reach out below and let me know which of these answers we have in common! Who knows, maybe we will end up at a cafe in france together.

Answer: Coffee

let's chat

Coffee and a good morning workout is the key to a purposeful and productive day. 


paris, France

Florence, italy

Split, Croatia

Capetown, South Africa

Bali, Indonesia

Marrakesh, Morocco

Machu Picchu, Peru

if you're planning your dream wedding in one of these locations, please contact me to learn about my dream destination ideas and booking incentives.



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